AI Solutions for the
Retail Industry

SGClima: AI in retail facilities

Indoorclima’s innovative technology platform, SGClima, allows, through AI and Big Data, to manage air conditioning based on the energy demand of commercial facilities, ensuring standards of comfort, sustainability and savings in each of the facilities.

SGClima achieves energy flexibility: adapting the multisite consumption of all establishments and their thermal demand to the electricity supply in real time (Demand Response).

Savings and profitability in establishments

SGClima technology allows establishments to adapt in real time to the optimal conditions of energy supply and demand. This maximizes the energy and economic savings of the facilities.

  • Annual savings of more than 15% (guaranteed by contract).
  • 20% reduction in electricity tariffs
  • Reduction in maintenance costs of more than 40% with the technical control of the facilities and increase of their useful life.

Facilities controlled in Real Time

With SGClima we guarantee the best customer experience. We take care of the comfort and air quality of commercial and retail facilities, regulating the electrical consumption of the facilities, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.

In addition, SGClima enables the digitized and predictive maintenance of climate facilities, and, consequently, the minimization of operational costs, providing real-time and uninterrupted decision-making capabilities.

Improve your company's ESG reporting

Introducing the SGClima technology platform in your facilities allows you to accelerate the Energy Transition and comply with ESG environmental criteria such as carbon footprint reduction or sustainable use of energy resources.

Certify energy savings

Sustainable hotels can accredit the energy savings obtained and process the Energy Saving Certificates (CAEs), approved by Royal Decree 36/2023 of January 24.

The new regulation allows certifying the energy savings obtained and transforming it into a sale-purchase asset that allows monetizing the energy savings in the market, or applying it to settle legal obligations. With SGClima you will accredit the savings obtained

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