Our SGClima system uses AI to optimize the air conditioning of buildings in an intelligent and sustainable way. It is the only platform capable of active management that adapts to the energy demand of buildings to ensure thermal comfort.

If you want to find out how much you can save, access our SGClima Audit simulator and we will create a personalized report for you.

AI applied to indoor air quality in buildings. SGAirQ guarantees the safety and healthiness of indoor air, without increasing energy consumption costs, controlling the ambient temperature and complying with current regulations.

Get a free, no-obligation ventilation audit to evaluate how to adapt your current system to SGAirQ.

The new era of facility management is here. We digitize your maintenance service with the use of AI for higher quality and profitability for you and your customers.

Do you want to train as a smart maintenance technician? Become a Service Engineer and stand out as an expert in comprehensive and intelligent facility management.

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