SGAirQ measures and improves indoor air quality in real time. It monitors the climate and ventilation installations, calculating the optimal form of ventilation in each space minute-by-minute. This is achieved by applying a series of algorithms that constantly calculate the ratios of indoor and outdoor air that the installation should use so that – depending on the capacity, temperature and humidity – the air that people breathe is of the highest possible quality. The easy-to-install system means that increased ventilation does not translate into an increase in energy consumption.

Indoorclima offers you the opportunity to carry out a ventilation audit free of charge, by filling in the following technical data form.


Online connexion of


Verification, testing, adjustments and measurements over a period of 5 to 30 days


Monetization and creation of Consumption Base Line (EVO Validation)


Balances, hydraulic adjustments and HVAC sequencing


Optimal parameterization, according to Comfort + Energy criteria


Specific training for technical operating personnel

Get a ventilation audit

In order to comply with the existing regulations on indoor ventilation (RITE), Indoorclima offers a rapid audit of your facilities’ technical data that can be filled in online and that generates an immediate, free and no-obligation ventilation audit report.

The report provides useful data and answers frequently asked questions including:

  • Are we managing ventilation safely by providing the correct air quality in our spaces?
  • Are we generating excess energy consumption by ventilating more than necessary, or at times when the capacity does not require it?
  • Can my facility comply with current regulations? (If the answer is NO, we can also help you to adapt it)

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